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"Let me help you learn how to do your own self healing by becoming more self aware and listening to your body."

Reiki, and Self Healing

What is Reiki ?


Energy healing/ Therapeutic Touch  is when universal energy is called in by the Reiki Master to bring about healing and clearing any energetic blocks* in the body. Assists in moving the energy that has been stagnant in the body.

*Energetic blocks are built up emotions and stress that haven't been released.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that can be used alongside any other therapy or medication. It does not interfere with anything except for Ayurvedic as it is simply energy.

What can Reiki Help With ?


Emotional stresses

-Heart Break

-Family Issues

-Work Stress

-Self Confidence

-Self Love


-And More.


Physical ailments





-And More


Spiritual disconnection

-Listening to Intuition

-Spiritual Support

-And More




Newmarket, ON

Reiki brings a sense of calm into your life that can be maintained.

Reiki helps clients to become more self aware about their life situations, how they work on healing themselves and how to observe and deal with future situations.

Get Educated

Want to learn how to become a healer ? Check out our Reiki levels !

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