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What you most need to know about Reiki is it is the Divine energy flowing through you to heal.

It is the purest form of energy one can connect with.

It is some thing we can all connect with. Sometimes it takes being touched by this energy to recognize it within oneself.

If you are searching for healing that comes from love, from the love within me that also resides in you. To see how love can heal, Divine love can heal.

Find it within yourself, when your body says THIS IS FOR ME ! TRY REIKI!

See where that’s soul it takes you.

Maybe it opens you up to a whole new world of light, love, and healing. Maybe you go out of your body. Maybe you get answers.

This experience is FOR you, however it comes.

Reiki is a form of all inclusive healing.

Mind, body, soul.

Try a session and see how we integrate all three for the most proactive healing.

Take a moment.


Put your hand on your heart.

Now ask, is this for me?





 Ontario, Canada