How can HHA help people?

Reiki Healing: Allows us to take care of you. We help bring in self awareness and healing through Reiki. These sessions show the needs that are to be addressed in the persons life to help with the healing process.

Self-Awareness and Self-Love: There are a lot of tools that we use that can help clients and friends become more self aware. A crystal that a client chooses will be in aligned with whatever situation is most prominent in their lives. Oracles cards will literally tell a client what they need to know in the

present moment.

Community: Clients, healers and friends all help to support one another in their healing and personal


Beauty: Beauty comes in many forms at the Academy. You can see the beauty in the development of the clients as they come out from their healing sessions, courses or after spending time with the HH community. We also create a beautiful environment in the healing and meditation rooms.

“It is hard to see the beauty in the lessons and in the healing but when it is found, it is beautiful indeed.”

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