10 Tigers

Shelby Avann, Reiki, Sensual, Tantra, Women's Empowerment
Photo by Katie from Boudoir Atelier


10 tigers

Or are they



Is there fear

Is there courage

For sure

Submissive gestures

Playful arts



I submit to play

Show me a new way


Do I choose you ?

Or do I test the waters

The 10 of Fools

A fool

A new beginning

Ignorance and innocence

Try this on my dear

Let us see what it is you fear

Use your voice

Growl out loud

Pain, play, or pleasure

What happens in this surround

A den of lions

Comes out to play

But the tigress that is released

She rules the bay

Riotous night

Destroyed in flight

A single look

A single stare

Makes you beg

To be shared

A night

At noon

Under the full moon

Release and lets see

What happens to me


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