Amazonite- Truth and Harmony

I picked out my first piece of Amazonite in a random mix of stones. I was working on my crystal healer course when I brought it out again. I had been told what it was but I couldn't remember anything about it. One of the exercises we were told to do in the course was to pick a crystal that you knew little to nothing about. Then, clear your space of all of your crystals and only keep this one chosen crystal on, or by you for 3-4 days. You were also to meditate with it and see what images, messages, sensations, etc came to you. You were to also journal about how your days went. The point of this exercise was to see if the properties of the crystal would show themselves to you in your meditations and the way you handled things in your everyday life.

After I went through this process, I was amazed at what I was able to pick up from the crystal. I looked at my notes and compared them to my crystal guide book (The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) and found that I was pretty spot on. Here are some of my notes from Day 1. The 3 oracle cards I had chosen were "Forgive, Creative and Family Culture." I had feelings about it resonating with the throat chakra and having to do with speech. Focus. I also had a scary dream.

So what are the properties of Amazonite? It is a stone that resonates with the heart and throat chakras. Helps with communication, truth and harmony. The harmony comes with oneself as well as among others, say in a family issue. Communication is expressed through ones truth. It can help guide you to your truth. True thoughts and feelings. Great for when you are in a position of conflict. Great for assisting in setting boundaries. Helps to balance out relationships. Can help with physical ailments like adrenal fatugue or other issues caused by exsessive stress or emotional repression. Bring in symbolism from dreams.


Heart and throat chakra

Truth, harmony, communication

Setting boundaries

Finding and speaking ones truth


Great for meditation and for dreamwork

Assists in confrontations and balancing relationships

Physically helps with cell regeneration. Good for arthritis, hair and nails. Can also help with stress related issues such as thyroid and adrenal issues when they are over taxed.

Affirmation: I live in my truth and have balanced relationships.

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