Amethyst-Protection and Calm

Amethyst is another easily found stone to add to your growing crystal bundle. It is extremely versatile. When I commonly think of this stone I think of its calming effects. However it also is a stone of protection. It helps to protect you from negative vibes, intentions and unwanted energy.

I like it as a reiki practitioner because it helps to protect my own energy when I do my energy work on clients. It can be easy to want to take on things for other people but that doesn't mean I should. If i start feeling an emotion or a physical pain, I ask for it to be released. The amethyst as well as other protection stones can also aid in preventing or at least lessening these occurrences.

Are you trying to break a habit ? Smoking? A bad boy ? Online shopping ? Amethyst is great in assisting its energy to help you break your bad habits and to stick with it. Now I will say that sometimes with my crystals, I will use them as a literal, visual reminder of my intention. What I mean is that when I look at this crystal, I know what it represents and the intention I have for it. So in this case breaking a habit. Wearing a bracelet or carrying the stone in your bra or your pocket and playing with it or looking at it can simply remind you of your wish to break the habit. Forgetting about the actual vibration that the crystal gives off to you, even though that will be working for you as long as you keep it on your person.

One more of the many thing amethyst can be great for is meditation. Hold onto it when you meditate and see where it takes you!

Did you know you can also put amethyst in the bath with you ?! There are certain crystals that are safe to have a bath with and this is one of them. I love doing a purple theme. Add the amethyst, lavender essential oil, some purple bubbles or maybe a bath bomb. Perfection.


A crystal that helps to protect, purify and calm.

Assists in breaking bad habits and releasing addictions.

Great to use while meditating.

Will help anyone who feels like they are playing a victim in their own life and will assist them in taking their power back.

Protection, Clarity, Balance, Calm, Intuition, Purification.

Affirmation: I am free from negative habits. I am protected and safe.

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