Being Small

You and me

A reflection to be

Seen with one another

A Master

The one who runs

Your world today

Is the one you feed

With laughter and play

Roam the world

To places unknown

Be one with yourself

Find your home

I lessen myself

To rubble and dirt

So I don't have to

Feel the hurt

Play small

Close off

So you can't be lead

To the Greatness

That lays ahead

You lose yourself

In the toil and trouble

Drag yourself through

Try to be humble

Fear of Greatness

What is so easy to see

All the things

I can give back to ME

Be the one

Who steps up

Shines through

Turn the rubble

Into bricks and glue

Build a mountain

Weave and bob

You aren't meant

To do this job

Alone, on your own

With help from ME

You can find yourself

Just let it be

Let it flow,


Be the one

You thought you knew

You will find

She wasn't true

Be the one

You aspire to be

Let her go

Let yourself be free

The woman you search for

Wildly true

Has no face

But she is honestly you

You cannot see her

Just out of reach

Follow your heart

Do what you preach



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