Capricorn Full Moon Ceremony

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Full Moon Ceremony, Ritual, Women's Cirlcle, Reiki

The moon

She shines

So bright

And true

The moon

She shines

She shines

Just for you

Her power is awesome

For one to behold

A Goddess of dreams

Be strong and be bold

A ceremony for servants

For one to align

A great unified intention

To be locked in time

Candles and mists

Spirits and prayers

Love for all

Be true and fair

Protect us from

Our broken vows

Our distrust of humans

Should not be allowed

We make mistakes

Some which ignite

This intense response

Of fight or flight

Stay strong and true

Be honestly you

Speak your voice

Sing your tune

You can find me

Being wild and free

High in the trees

Where nature breathes

A howl in the night

A howl to the moon

It's not a wolf

It's me and you

A transformation is here

It is clear

It will appear


Pegasus runs through

The sky above

He fly's through

He is lead by love

Bring in your spirits

The faeries, the fleas

Everything is sacred

The worms and the bees

Get in tune

With the full moon

Cycles aplenty

Witch's circles come true

Purify with salt

Call in air

Don't forget the feel

Of the sea breeze in your hair

The fires of love

The passions of earth

The flow of spirit

Water to soothe

Offerings are good

Break bread

Make love

Bring peace and harmony

White light and love

Call all in

From the ground and above


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