Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Shelby Avann, Reiki, Dance, Poetry

Dance is love

In a beautiful form

Lines and angles

For one to perform

Let it keep

My being free

From all discord

That is sent to me

Run wild, play

Leap and bound

Let yourself run away

Let yourself be found

Through the clouds

The leaves, the snow

Go where ever the wind will blow

Shimmer and shimmy

Shine so bright

Allow people to see you

Shine your light

Dance for you

For you to see

Dance for you

Dance for all to see

Express and release

All worries and fears

All in awe

Of what appears

Be the one

To show your joy

Be happy and free

Unlike Troy

Allow me to find

Myself again

In the movement

The earth

The music

My friend

Allow the world

To take me away

To wander

To heal

To laugh and play

Be my secret

Be my sign

Allow for the time

To realign


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