Distant Reiki

I bet you didn't know that Reiki doesn't have to be done in person.

Distant reiki is a service that I offer where I send the client universal energy from where I am to wherever they are, which could be across the world !

Ok so how does this work ? In a one on one reiki session, there are certain symbols that I use that help call in the energy for the session. For distant reiki there is another symbol that I have to add on. I will set up crystals in front of me to represent the chakras of the client that I am working on. When I am ready I clear, protect and then call upon the universal energy to come through me for the session. I say the name of the client, picture them in my minds eye and then I proceed with the session like a regular in person session except that I am using my crystals.

As you can see in the picture below, this is how the chakras line up in the body and they each have a colour. The crystals that I choose will be colour coordinated with the chakra colours.

We can set the session up so that you can also be in a place where you are laying down and able to relax and really focus in on the reiki energy that I am sending to you, like you would in a normal session. Alternatively you can just carry on about your day and I will let you know when I will be doing the distant session for you. You may notice the energy being sent to you as you are going about your normal routine or you may not but the healing is still taking place.

*I do not advise that this be the way that you first try reiki. There is nothing wrong with doing reiki in this way, however I feel that you should have the full one on one experience where you fully immerse yourself. Then you know how the heat from the energy feels, how the energy flows and shifts through your body. The intuitive messages that come through the practitioner for you. After a one on one session you know whether you really believe in this type of healing or not. In distant reiki you simply may not realize the feelings that you are having are from the energy being sent from the Reiki Master, if its your first time ever having it done and therefore may not believe that it worked. I want the client to give themselves the opportunity to have an amazing first experience and really believe before trying distant.*

At the end of the session I will let you know what types of intuitive messages I received for you as well as let you know what chakras needed the most energy and healing. This allows you to become more self aware of the issues that are causing you stress and how to deal with them to help heal yourself.

If you really feel a connection with me to be your Reiki Master and want to try out distant reiki or want more information, please do not hesitate to send me a message! Even if it is for your first session ever. If that is what your intuition wants for you, I'm not going to hassle you over it.


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