Friend Fights

A long journey 

To be sure 

Hearts broken 




Ones love

With a rough edge

My voice

Her light

A match 

Made for two 

Two souls

Two stars

Find me again

And I’ll find you 

Fear will not break us 

A stroll in the park 

Jealousy and Vengeance

Is not in our hearts 

Our love is true

I love you 

It is for us to be 

A partner 

In three

We support 

We hold each other 

To our truths

And to our lies

I see you

You see me

Through the guise 

Be mine forever

A love poem to a friend

Don’t ever leave me 

I’ll be there until the end 

Be my boo

My twerker too

Let me lay down

Or maybe dance around 

Fun and happiness 

Filled with joy 

No other person

Can fill this void

Scary to say 

A void is true 

I don’t want a hole

Left from you 


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