I'll be honest. When I choose to carry this crystal, I am in dire need of it. I have a really close connection with hemimorphite. It was one of those crystals that really pulled me in the shop. When I held it, my hand tingled. Naturally when I looked up its properties it was spot on for what I needed. When I started carrying it, I could actually tell that a shift was happening within a week.

This stone represents emotional healing to me. It helps to calm my emotions and be compassionate. It also helps with forgiveness and releasing resentment. It heals and increases your self respect and remember who you really are.

When I was in a really emotionally charged state for a while this stone helped me to reassess my feelings and remember who I really was and how I wanted to best serve this situation that I was in. It also seemed to have an effect on all the people around me. I find it a highly effective stone and very energetic to touch.


Emotions, empathy, compassion

Communicate your true feelings

Attracts spirit guides

Great for healers

Resolving emotional issues between relationships

Forgiveness, release of resentment

Physically can help with PMS symptoms and hormonal headaches

Affirmation: I am a compassionate person, full of emotions and capable of healing and forgiving.

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