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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Shelby Avann, Reiki, Coaching

What is Reiki ?

Well Oxford Dictionary says "it is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. "

I have a hard time explaining it because I find it to be such a wonderful experience that words don't seem to do it justice.

My first experience having Reiki done to me was with my bestie, Kait. She had just done her Level 1 and 2 and needed someone to try it out on. She asked me and I said yes.

I had been going through some emotional stuff at the time and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try Reiki. I had also seen it before when we had it done on my horse years ago. So I knew the word Reiki but I had no real concept of what it was.

I don't remember now if Kait explained what it was or what I would get out of it before we started the session but when we were in the session itself I was amazed. I closed my eyes and could not believe the sensations I was feeling, the heat, the energy being transferred through me. Nothing hurt and it wasn't a psychedelic experience or anything crazy like that. It was very observational and peaceful. I came out of it not really knowing what to say but I felt calm.

This session inspired me to go and start my journey with Reiki.

Now Kait and I love doing Reiki on one another because it is very intuitive form of energy healing and really connects us. Sometimes we can feel what emotional aspects are causing the stress and issues in the body. Sometimes we get messages that need to be expressed.

Reiki is such a fun form of alternative therapy and I have found that it really helps clients to become more aware of themselves and their situations so that they can address them in the best and most loving way possible, and can heal.

Emotional healing and physical healing can take place HOWEVER Reiki will never cure you of something. This is very important. It is not miracle work although it can feel nothing short of magical. Only you have the power to heal yourself and that is something I can go into more on a later post.

Nonetheless I have had patients ranging in all ages with ailments of heartbreak, job stresses, loss, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, etc and every one has left me with the bare minimum of feeling more peaceful and calm.

If you want more information, have questions or want to book in a session, don't be afraid to contact me. If we are not in the same area I can do distance healing on you. Alternatively my girl Kait is currently in Kitchener, ON and you can look her up at

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