The events

That happened

In an instant

Change lives

The truth

To be seen


Behind Lies

Go down

And deep


The dirty pool

The water

So deep


For a fool

Bring her

To me

A crocodile


She's wild and free

Someone to be

Cared for


And who are they ?

Seeking meat

A cat in heat

The law

It seems

Holds us free

Holds us free?

How could that be?

The trust

The ire

The unknown

Do you know,

When I'll be home ?

Be with me

I'm scared

To be free

They will come

And get me

My home isn't safe

A blade

A snake

They run the streets

They gnaw on me

Hold me down

Hold me back

Let's see if we can find

Another crack

Beat him to

A whole new scream

Keep it going

Keep it mean

Be fair they said

To the unknown

That cannot be done

Not until we are shown


This poem was inspired by the story of the Central Park Five.

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