Moonstone-The Goddess

Pink/Peach Moonstone

This stone is easily one of my favourites. I don't always notice a stone to have an effect on me but whenever I hold my moonstone it makes me smile. I feel this gentle, happy, uplifting energy. I actually let a friend and client take it home with her for a bit and she said she really liked the energy coming from it as well.

Moonstone is known as a crystal for women. In saying that, if a man needs to get more in touch with his feminine side or his feminine energy (we all have both masculine and feminine energy) is out of whack, this would be a good stone for him. It has the power of the feminine. The power of the Goddess. I love the fantastical idea of this stone helping to bring out and call upon goddess energy to empower women. It makes me feel so supported.


Goddess Stone. Feminine. A stone for lovers. Hidden Truths.

Energy and power from the moon and connection with the Earth Mother.

Cycles of the woman, cycles of life.

Patience and nurturing.

Assists with psychic abilities and intuition.

Emotionally assists in releasing frustration and gaining a higher perspective.

Physically assists in the woman’s cycles and help with water retention.

Resonates with the third eye and crown chakras.

Affirmation: I have the strength of a Goddess and a mother.

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