My Top 10 Podcasts from 2018!

The Happy Hippies Podcast with Kait and Shelby

Podcasts are great. You can get free information, entertainment, business advice, self-help, learn a new language etc. It’s an addiction but it can be a very good one. Here is my heavy rotation of podcasts and a little bit about why I love these particular shows. Side note, don't forget to check ours out ! The Happy Hippies Podcast on iTunes !

1. Earn Your Happy

Lori Harder is the host of this show. She does three different episodes a week. She has a different guest that she chats with who is always great to listen to regarding business, self-improvement and helping to pick up your mood. The second one is a short solo chat that she will have with whatever is going on in her life currently and the challenges that she is dealing with and giving you a positive perspective of how she is dealing with it. The last one is a newer and it is a Q and A with her assistant Evans. These episodes are a lot of fun and silliness. Its girl time with answering questions, throwing in some good quotes to live by for the week and will make you laugh with the ridiculous friendship that the ladies share.

2. The Lively Show

This show will bring you in touch with your intuition, going beyond the mind, Law of Attraction, etc. For me it is a really grounding podcast to listen to in order to realize that your life may seem hectic and frustrating but if you take a moment to sit and breathe and listen to your true self, you will be guided to a wonderful life and be at peace with the lessons that are coming at you. Jess Lively brings in clients and asks them to get in touch with their intuition. She will ask them questions and the clients will stay in their mindful state to bring up the answers that they have within them and also are eternal and peaceful truths which resonate with the listeners deeply.

3. How I Built This

HIBT is addictive. It’s an entrepreneurial podcast about huge business names and their founders and how they started the company. It goes through the life story of how the business was built along the way and where they stand now.

4. Sex With Emily

Sex therapist Emily brings up everything that anyone could have questions about regarding sex. A big thing that she consistently says is that people need to communicate and make talking about sex more normal and not seem taboo. It is extremely educational and helpful. It can also be quite entertaining. I love that it opens up the sex discussion and makes it easy to have a conversation by simply sharing an episode.

5. Smart Passive Income

An entrepreneurial podcast where Pat Flynn brings on guests to educate listeners about the ins and outs of building a business on the side. He also answers questions from listeners, offers courses and conferences. He seems like a genuinely amazing and kind dude. Extremely helpful podcast.

6. Build Your Tribe

Another business podcast with Chalene and Brock Johnson (mother and son team). This podcast is cool because Brock gives business advice that really resonates with me and the younger entrepreneurs. Chalene gives a lot of great business information but also puts a personal spin on her episodes with topics that you forget about but really relate to business such as the interpersonal relationships among family or coworkers.

7. The Jordan Harbinger Show

This show is a bit of a wildcard, but is amazing. Jordan’s big message is about networking. “Dig the well before your thirsty,” you never know when you are going to need to utilize the network of people that you have created around you. He also brings in some crazy cool stories for example of a man who was imprisoned abroad and how he got out.

8. Ear Hustle

This one is a perspective changer. It is hosted by an Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods, an inmate at San Quinton Penitentiary. They talk to the other inmates at the jail and you get to paint a picture of how jail really affects the people who have committed the crimes. It makes you respect what you have in your own life and see how people can change.

9. Oprah’s Master Class

Well what can I say, its Oprah and she does some good work. These are the life stories of some big names. Quite inspirational.

10. TED Talks Daily

Another mind opening podcast. Inspirational stories of change and issues in the world. A lot of topics that you wouldn’t know or think about. It is very stimulating.

Let me know if you guys enjoyed these podcasts as well as any that you think I might enjoy! I'm always looking for new content to listen to.

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