Prayer For Healing The Hurt

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Healing, Reiki, Poem




Like fire



Words that conspire

Darkness takes over

I can’t see light

Through the thickness of air

Ceaseless night upon me

Life has shown me

It is not fair

A whisper

Speak soft

Wind soothes and blows through

Push those dark thoughts away

Deep breath

Let’s work on healing you

I pray to be heard

I ask to forgive


The others

Who are stuck

Yet still

Burning inside

Retching with pain

I pray for softness

The coolness of summer rain


Thank you breath


Thank you love


Thank you God

For showing contrast

When it came up

I pray for speech

The power of truth

Heal with words

It all starts with you

Heal your own patterns

Cut down your claws

Open your heart

Find the love that was lost

It starts with healing

It starts within you

Heal yourself

Lead with love

So others are brave enough

To do so too.


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