Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz A very well known and extremely accessible crystal. Quartz is the most abundant crystal on the planet and so Rose Quartz is very affordable and found everywhere. It is the perfect first crystal to purchase for yourself or for a friend. It has a very light, gentle energy and helps you work on self love and love in all other relationships in your life. It is great for being more compassionate. Properties: A crystal that supports you in self love and love in all your relationships. Helps to release worry, fear and anxiety. Assists you in receiving and sharing love. Physically can help in stabilizing the heart. Love, Gentleness, Calming, Release Stress, Compassion, Kindness Resonates with the female aspect of the heart chakra. Affirmation: I live in love. I am loved. I love myself everyday. How many of you have a rose quartz ? Was it your first purchase ? Who is feeling extremely drawn to this crystal right now ? Who is going to go out and buy this crystal ASAP ?! Some places you can find crystals locally include: Me, I have some raw Rose Quartz for sale if there is interest and I have one Rose Quartz bracelet. In Newmarket there are 2 locations in the Nature's Emporium/Mandarin Plaza by Yonge and Mullock. Daylyn which is inside and immediately to the right when going into Nature's. The other is Body, Mind,Spirit or Point of Light. If you are facing Natures from the parking lot it is on the right side of the plaza with a purple sign.

In Upper Canada Mall you can find crystals in Balta or Green Earth.

Homesense !

Now I'm not sure of the authenticity of the crystals outside of the crystal stores but I have bought from these other places and they look pretty authentic to me.

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