Selenite - The Clearing Crystal

Selenite is another staple crystal for the collection. It is a self clearing crystal that is very salt like in nature.

Side note: Salt itself is a purifier. Think of Himalayan Salt lamps purifying toxins in the air. I also start and finish my reiki sessions by washing my hands with a little bit of salt to clear myself of anything that isn't mine.

When you get any new crystal, you should clear it. There are many ways of doing this including sound/vibrational clearing, sage, palo santo, sunshine, moonlight, earthing, etc. In this case you will use the selenite crystal. I like to either place my new crystal on a flat bar of selenite or near my selenite tower for a full day and night. After the time is up I hold my crystal and think of an intention for it. I don't always put an intention in my crystal but if you feel called to especially for a particular situation then go right ahead.

You can also use selenite to clear a crystal that seems out of whack or you were carrying when you were feeling negative or in a negative feeling area (with people, situationally, etc).

If you have Oracle cards, this crystal will help to clear them, especially if you are allowing a lot of other people to handle your cards.

You can hold a selenite wand and brush it over your aura to clear yourself.

Selenite is wonderful for cutting energetic chords. It is a good habit to cut energetic chords with people and especially ones that drain you. I ask Archangel Michael to assist me in cutting the chords and then make slicing motions in front of me to cut the chord with my selenite. Do what feels right for you. It's all about the intention.


Very good cleansing crystal. Self cleanses and clears other crystals as well as the physical body.

Clears congested energies and negativity.

Amplifies other crystal properties when keeping them together for energy work.

Good for meditation and helping to get in contact with spirit guides.

Great for crystal grids.

Resonates with third eye and crown chakras.

Helps one to move away from stagnation and onward with their life.

Clears bridges and blockages.

Affirmation: My mind and body are clear. I am connected to inner consciousness and my guides.

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