Time With Myself and the Unexpected Effects and Emotions

We have a lot of time to just be with ourselves and our emotions that we have been pushing down for years. Now issues and feelings are coming up that we don't know how to deal with. This may quite literally make you think you are going full on stir crazy from being kept cooped up.

I want you to know it is simply your body telling you it is time for healing and to stop running away from it.

We have the time NOW.

See a Distant Reiki Special at the end of the blog post.

Time With Myself a Poem

Here I am


At home

What I see

Is potential

All in front of me

Start a business

Write a tune

Dance with me

I'll dance with you

All will be great


And rainbows

All will be great

A whisper

So faint though

Time for me

To truly be

Find the darkest parts

Inside of me

I'm not even looking

But here they are

Uncomfortable with myself

Why am I so distant ?

So far?

Lay down on the floor

Be calm

Let it be

What are these thoughts?!

It's like a suicide

Inside of me

Happiness one moment


Upset and despair

Follow next

Why am I being left alone

With these thoughts in my head ?

My body is anxious

Eyes open wide

Heart beat quickens

Gut tightens inside

Notice the signs

Take a moment


You are ok dear

You don't have to bleed

Focus yourself

On the good, the light

We are all here for one another

Lean on me tonight


$20 for a Distant Reiki session.

Regularly $80

How it works:

We connect on a zoom call.

Audio will be recorded for the podcast in which you will remain anonymous.

I spend 30 minutes with you sending you Distant Healing and giving you any messages of significant relationships, beliefs or issues that are affecting you most at the moment. These messages will help you realise what you need to keep working on when the session is over.

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