What is Love?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Shelby Avann, Reiki, Coaching , Mindset

Love is eternal.

Grateful, beautiful, caring, ingenious.

You are safe

You are loved

You are beauty

There is no need for resentment,

Only love.


Love guides all the great things in life.

Love guides me,

Peace fulfills me,

Grace surrounds me.

I love

Be mine

And forever is eternal

Through the soul of the being.

Come live in a mystical land

Of beautiful and great creatures

Unicorns alight,

Faeries and flowers,


Dragons that are strong and docile.

That love eternally.


Unicorns prance

And dance

And point with their horns.

Magic is among us.


In a bed of flowers,

Smell them


Dream, desire

Be one with nature

Ground Yourself.

If you made it through this whole poem then there was something in it for you.

This is something that came though when I was listening to my intuition. It doesn't necessarily flow but there are messages in it. When I reread it, it felt like something I was supposed to share.

So, if something resonated with you, let me know.


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