Why is the Corona Virus Happening ?!

Hey beauties, I know that right now is a pretty crazy time. I challenge you all to see this as a time for inner reflection, creativity and appreciation for the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

The world as a whole is taking a breath. We are all one right now. We are all going through the same thing and that is actually quite beautiful.

I recorded my new moon ritual for the podcast and I received some really beautiful insight from it. I created a card spread asking to be enlightened on why the Corona Virus was happening.

The answer I received was loud and clear.

Humanity as a whole has been moving too fast.Forgetting to really connect with one another and most troubling we have not been listening to ourselves. Our inner voice that has been telling all of us that we need to lead with love as well as be guided by our passions. The gifts that come so easily to us and that we love s beautifully are what we are supposed to be sharing with the world.

Get in tune with yourself again.

If you want help I have a special on for Distant Reiki right now.

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