Please contact me if you would like me to come and speak to your company, school, studio, etc.


After a brief assessment visit, we will talk to your Intuition and get answers and guidance regarding events, experiences and questions you have about your life.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Shelby is available for a variety Reiki training and workshops. The following are some examples.

Reiki Training

Level 1-Reiki for self

Level 2-Reiki for others

Level 3/Masters-Train others reiki

Introduction to Crystals Workshop -March 18, 2022 in Uxbridge, ON
Crystals and Chakras

Crystal Grids

Water Safe Crystal

Crystal Intention Setting

DIY Podcast Workshop

For those looking to start a podcast on a budget.

Reiki Training & Workshops

$100  |  60 Minute Session IN PERSON OR DISTANT

$80  |  Animal Reiki Session

$150  |  crystal Healing session

Packages available upon request


Aside from offering educational services, we also provide expert wellness services to enhance your life and align your body and soul.

To book an appointment, please contact or call.



About Reiki

$150  |  1 One hour session
$700  |  5 Pack - Save $50
1 Year : 1 free session-12 sessions total

Reiki is energy healing with the “laying of hands.”  You lay down and the universal energy is utilized to help heal emotional issues, physical pain (great for arthritis!), spiritual guidance, etc. It is a complimentary therapy that will not interfere with any other therapies or medications you may be on.  Reiki helps to bring in calm into your life, self realization, releasing of pain and emotional negativity and much more.


It is a wonderful experience and very different from traditional therapies.

Reiki for animals can help in assisting them to become calm, ease them into new situations, help to heal or release pain.  Animals are more open and sensitive to energy healing than their human counterparts. Energy healing sessions with animals are very likely to be short.  Anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the animal.